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Dr. Peter GeittmanWe at Northwest Women’s Consultants celebrate and look back with pride at the many years of service that Dr. Peter Geittman has provided to our patients, our staff, and our physicians.

He is a trusted friend, expert physician, and jovial colleague with whom we have been honored to work with for many years.

He has touched countless lives in many ways, and we thank him for his dedication and service to our local community.




To all our wonderful patients:

I would like to express my profound appreciation for the outpouring of gratitude and words of kindness that have appeared on our website and on Facebook since I recently announced my retirement from obstetrics. 

Although I will continue seeing annual visits through October, I will truly miss all the relationships I have had with patients, nurses, and colleagues over the past 35 years. 

I have also been blessed with truly wonderful partners and staff for all these years.  Thank you all for giving me the opportunity and privilege of being a part of your lives as your doctor and your friend.   

Peter Geittmann, MD